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How Much Should You Pay for Becoming a Bestselling Author?

As with any product or service, the question of price is always one that can be a bit tricky.  How do you decide how much is a fair price for something as specialized as ghostwriting a book?  Or the price of being part of an anthology?

I am having to really look at what the correct answer is for this question, as I am developing a new line of business called “Center of Influence Anthologies”.  What is this?  Well, I am still figuring it out if you must know!  I got the idea when someone I was doing an initial introduction zoom call with mentioned that she needed to do a book, her partner needed to do a book and she know of three other people in her industry of mental health that needed to do a book!  So, I got off the call and thought “why not offer them an anthology?”

From a business perspective, it would be more profitable for me to sell a book to each of the five individuals.  However, if I walk a mile in their moccasins, I can see how it might benefit them more to be part of anthology – they still get the bragging rights of saying they are a bestselling author, but the time and expense is much less with an anthology, than if each one of them did a book in their own right.

Are you a center of influence who has always wanted to write a bestselling book?  If so, let’s get on a call together and explore what book writing option is best for you and your business.  I look forward to chatting with you!

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