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While it is exciting to think of your name on the front of a bestselling book, it is very important to be clear about what you should write about to cast the brightest light on your business.  This needs to be a business decision, based on specific marketing plans, in order to truly be an asset for your business and not just a vanity project!

This is the more important decision to make when writing a book to support your business.  You are basically creating a marketing tool and you need to determine what aspect of your business, or of your skills, that you want to showcase so that future clients will want to do business with you.

Yes, you could do the research and figure it out on your own, but it takes a lot of time (which would be time away from other aspects of your business!). Also, there are things about Amazon that can hurt you if you are unaware of them.  For example, Amazon’s offers a free ISBN number.  Free always sounds good, but in this case it is NOT the thing to do, as a book with their number cannot be distributed through other outlets such as Barnes and Noble.

An anthology, it done correctly, can be a least cost way to become a bestselling author.  However, make sure that the price of the anthology includes promotion of the actual book and the publisher intends to make it a bestseller.  If they do not plan on that, then doing an anthology will have limited benefit for your business.

No, it will not!  That is like asking if buying a hammer will make you a master carpenter!  While becoming a bestselling author has the POTENTIAL to help your business, you need to have a detailed marketing plan on how your are going to use the book in your marketing plan to increase your business,

The answer to this question is you need to look at all aspects of your business.  Are you a speaker, and you can sell the books ‘from the back of the room”?  Or, would your business benefit from using a bestselling book as a lead generator?  Do you intend to create a course in the future and give your students a copy of your book?

Again, the answer to this question will be different for every person.  A general rule of thumb is that is you wish to become a speaker or a thought leader, the expectation is that you will write more than one book.