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Workshop Outline

Section One – Mind Set, Focus and Message

Week One

Begin work with Talmadge Spicer, Mind Set Coach. Explore why you want to write a book and the reasons behind why it has not happened YET. Then, with Mindy Scarlett you will explore what you want to accomplish with writing a book, what outcomes you think you should get and how you will measure if you have achieved your goals. Homework: Begin the process of deciding on a title and chapter headings

Week Two

Continue work with Talmadge Spicer, share how things are going and present possible titles for the group to discuss and have input, with pros and cons of various book titles. Coach Mindy will then work with you to confirm chapter titles.

Week Three

Coach Spice continues with mindset Confirm title and chapter headings

Week Four

Coach Mindy will begin showing participants how to interview themselves and record chapter one using otter to record and transcribe

Week Five

Mind set Begin search for cover graphic

Week Six

Refresher from Coach Spice Review of possible cover graphics

Week Seven

Coach Mindy works with each person to review progress

Week Eight

Research – you said this, what have other experts said about the same thing

Week Nine

Tony would begin to explain the Amazon process, setting up KDP account, discuss categories, ask them to nominate the two categories.

Week Ten

Tony to confirm categories, up to 6. Mindy to go over progress, confirm front cover artwork Have participants begin social media drip by asking their audience which cover they should choose. Order ISBN number and copywrite

Week Eleven

Tony to review KDP accounts,

Week Twelve

Tony to do group sessions to talk everyone through uploading their manuscripts to Kindle

Weeks Thirteen through Fifteen

Work individually with participants to ensure they understand how to do the social media promo to get people to buy their book. Also, begin to set up at least 5 people to do reviews on launch day.

Week Sixteen is launch week